The colors! That’s what grabbed my attention when I first learned about alcohol inks and it didn’t take too long for me to get my hands dirty (’ll often find me with ink on my fingers). After I began to experiment with the inks I quickly found myself heading back to the visual arts that I had been away from for much too long.
I am inspired by flowers for many pieces; the inks do a wonderful job of interpreting nature’s beautiful palette. Much of my other work is abstract in nature and the inks take an active role in deciding what the final piece will become. You will also often see little hints of zentangle and doodling to bring those abstract paintings to completion.  

The intensity of the colors and the nature of the medium amaze me every time I sit down to create and I am pleased to be able to share original pieces on different substrates as well as print reproductions of many paintings. 
Thank you for stopping by and I look forward to sharing more of my art in the future!


Alcohol inks are heavily pigmented dye based translucent inks that are vibrant and mesmerizing to use and watch.  Since the inks also contain alcohol they dry quickly as the alcohol evaporates away. Adding more alcohol or other alcohol inks reactivates the inks and allows for all types of manipulation and blending of the intense colors.  Alcoohol Inks work very well on all types of non-pourous surfaces including glass, ceramics, synthetic papers, metal and more.

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